Aiding and Abetting, Coercion, & Conspiracy

Coercion is the act of threatening someone to do something they don’t want to do. Conspiracy is the act of two or more people planning to commit an illegal act. Aiding & Abetting is the act of helping someone else commit a crime. All of these crimes involve forcing another person to commit a crime, or helping a fellow offender commit a crime. And all of these crimes are favorites of prosecutors to charge because often they can charge a person with basically “guilt by association.” But these charges can be very slippery as well, and the evidence to proceed on a crime like this is hard to prove without a reasonable doubt. Therefore, if you’ve been charged with the crime of coercion, conspiracy, attempt, or aiding & abetting, you need the help of experienced trial attorney Catherine Turner. Catherine will challenge any charges that don’t seem to be supported by the evidence, and will work to defend you against presumptuous prosecutors. Don’t be blindsided by these nebulous charges. Call Catherine today!

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