Federal Offenses

Federal OffencesState court is not the only place one can find themselves charged with a crime. The Federal Government has authority to prosecute certain offenses in federal court. A federal offense is a crime that is made illegal by U.S. federal legislation. Examples of federal crimes include bank robbery, mail fraud, kidnapping, tax evasion, child pornography, and conspiracy. Many federal crimes have harsh mandatory minimum sentences. For example, certain drug offenses have 5 or 10 year mandatory minimum prison sentences based on the quantity of drugs and the offender’s criminal history. Federal crimes also include immigration offenses, like illegal entry or reentry. Federal jurisdiction also covers crimes committed on Indian reservations or any U.S. federal property.

While many of the Rules of Criminal Procedure and Rules of Evidence are similar in state and federal court, much of federal law is very different, starting with the Sentencing Guidelines. If you are charged with a crime in federal court, you may be looking at serious consequences. You need a lawyer who practices in federal court and who can stand up for you against the United States Attorney. Catherine Turner has experience in federal court, and she will litigate your case zealously. Call her today if you are facing an indictment or complaint in federal court.

US District Court - Court of Minnesota

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